Saturday, May 18, 2013

CLASS INFORMATION: Yonkers Pottery Studio: Wheel Throwing, Sculpture, Handbuilding Ceramics Classes for Adults & Children: Lower Westchester County & Hudson Valley, New York

photo and large coiled bowl by emily parker
Class Schedule:
Find our class and open studio hours schedule here.

Class Prices:
  • Introductory/trial one-time class = $40 (information & registration for trial classes here)
  • 6 classes = $174 ($29/class - expires 2 months from purchase date)
  • 10 classes = $270 ($27/class - expires 3 months from purchase date)
  • 15 classes = $390 ($26/class - expires 4 months from purchase date)
  • 20 classes = $500 ($25/class - expires 5 months from purchase date)
  • Special project workshops = $60 - $150
Firing Fees:
Current firing fees for students are 4-cents/cubic inch and cover bisque AND glaze firing, plus all materials EXCEPT underglazes, which are an additional charge (when used) of $1.00/piece.

Class Description: 
ALL of our classes are mixed-level (novice to experienced) and include pottery wheel and hand-building ceramics instruction. We all learn from one another! Students can execute their own project ideas or can ask teachers for project ideas.

Hand-building methods taught include pinching, coiling, slabbing, sculpting/modeling, extruding and more. On the potter's wheel you will learn, with lots of practice, to make cups, bowls, vases, plates and even composite pieces like teapots.

Please make sure to bring:
  • An apron (or wear clothing you don't mind dirtying). Making pottery is messy business.
  • A towel you don't mind dirtying
  • Pottery-Making Tools
  • Masking tape, on which you will shut tight your wrapped drying pieces and write your name, so they're always easily findable
  • If you have it, the studio is always in need of clean dry cleaner's clothing plastic covers. We wrap our drying projects in plastic. If you don't have this DON'T WORRY. We will have some on hand for you.

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