Friday, March 8, 2013

INTRO WORKSHOPS: Yonkers Pottery Studio: Wheel Throwing, Sculpture, Handbuilding Ceramics Classes for Adults & Children: Lower Westchester County & Hudson Valley, New York

  • Our trial class is a 2-hour hands-on intensive. It's a good way to see if you enjoy the process of working with clay and making ceramics, to see if you want to take the plunge and commit to buying a class series card.
  • You can choose either a wheel or hand building class
  • Must pay $40 at registration time
  • Learn traditional ceramics techniques used to make any utilitarian or sculptural clay works including, plates, cups, bowls, figurines, and more! 
  • We usually have 2 introductory classes/month. The dates can be found on our studio calendar  here.
  • Important:
    • Must reserve your spot
    • Items from hand building workshops can be saved (cost of $15 per piece). Finished pieces are usually ready within about 4 weeks for pick-up.
    • Items from wheel workshops cannot be saved. It usually takes 2-3 classes to see a thrown wheel piece to completion. *You CAN save a piece thrown in the intro. workshop if you decide to buy a class card at the end of the workshop.
    • Must be 18 to enroll alone, or with parent if between 15-17.

Sign up online or call us at 646-316-0554.

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